Awareness to move better  

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For whom?

Everyone who...

*Wants to find inspiration to move and endure. 

*Is interested in knowing how their body can work better for them. 

*Has a goal in mind or wants to know how to set achievable goals at a realistic pace.

*Wants to become independent in his/her trainings and know how to do it injury free.

Business managers who...

*Want to deliver health and sports performance programs tailored to their customers for specific periods.

*Host events collaborating with the mind & body community.

*Are looking for workshops for their trainers or movement teachers.

Movement teachers and advanced practitioners 

*Interested in continuing education to refine communication and functional anatomy abilities.

*Open to diversifying the source of knowledge where the body weight training is the primary practice.  

*Are eager to learn new skills to keep improving the lives of their students or clients.

*Pilates, Yoga, CrossFit, Personal Trainers, Martial Arts, Dancers, Sports Coaches, Physios welcome!


About Paula Ramirez

Everyone follows their unique path in life. Mine led me to be passionate about kinesthetic challenges thorugh Gymnastics and Dance in my childhood. I found my vocation in 2003, when I started to teach movement as a hobby. And what a trip it has been! Waving my hair in Afro-Jazz, feeling my powerhouse while practicing Contrology, stomping in Flamenco and pushing my limits with Calisthenics and Animal Flow.

I have experienced the roles of personal trainer, studio owner, Pilates teacher trainer and devoted student. AIl of them have in common what I enjoy the most, which is to understand body biomechanics through creativity and motivate healthy mindsets.

My mission is quite simple: Encourage people to practice awareness when they move, and find the joy in it to endure in life.

I hope I can help you in your unique journey.


Up to the date professional credentials: 

*Communication Sciences  Bachelor Degree

*Gastronomic-Nutrition Journalism PG

*NPCP (PMA), Certified Teacher 

*TRX Suspension Training Certified STC 

*Animal Flow Certified L1-L2 Instructor  

*Neurokinetic Therapy L1 Certified Practitioner 

About Mind to Move

From Kinesis, Pilates and Dance Studio (2004-2012) to Paula Ramirez Trainings (2013-2019), my entrepreneurial side has evolved from owning a physical space, to providing a multitude of services that can be done in different places. However, the goal is still the same: Get people interested in moving in a way that cultivates a healthy and fun habit. My techniques, tools and collaborations have expanded to create an enterprise that today designs movement programs and events for specific businesses, groups or individuals.     



"Paula is such a great teacher. She encouraged me to do my best and helped me to feel healthier and stronger. I definetly recommend her as a personal trainer."

— Gabriela Romano, Spain

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