Autumn Program 

 Finish 2020 feeling at your best

Mind to Move… Better than Ever!

This fall, the Mind to Move sessions will run from August 10th until December 10th. But the main program will start on September 1th until November 24th

In this period we will focus on improving body awareness and capabilities using all the Movement Systems but mostly, your discipline and willpower will make the magic happen.

The mindset goes beyond just fitness or aesthetics, this program is founded in key human daily tasks. Those small things that we repeat the most can be the secret reason to accomplish anything or have injury risk.  An explorer mentality will allow you to break confidence barriers, and the best way to learn is combining one on one coaching, mve chair trios, small group movement sessions, and self-practice with online guidelines. We are all together in this quest, but we need different environments to get the most of individual goals towards a common one. The Mind to Move community is always open to any cultural background,  gender, age and physical condition. 

Topics and goals are divided by months:


"Up & Down"

Taking one foot off the floor triggers a whole act of balance in your body. We will work on core activations to improve hip-foot, as well as your torso-shoulder mechanics. Fun motor control challenges ahead during this period. Expect all the squat variations you can or can’t imagine. Also range of motion and locomotive assessments.

October  STRENGTH 

 “Lift & Carry”

You need to fight against gravity every single second of your life. Knowing more ergonomic and effortless pathways to carry a backpack, your toddler, furniture or your body weight, will make you gain confidence and power to move towards any goal you set.

We will work on body weight strength and awareness. Push, pulls and holds will be the constant.

November - MOBILITY

 “Play with all”

Creativity and spontaneity are two characteristics that are implied as you play with movement. It nurtures critical thinking and release stress while you gain better reflexes. Enjoy your full mind & body at its best.

We will work on aerobic and endurance exercises,while keeping an eye in rhythm and flow. 

How to join? 

Choose the option that works for your lifestyle 



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