• Paula Ramirez

Joe's short "To do" Holidays list

Simple advices to keep yourself healthy. Joseph Pilates philosophy could help to enjoy your Holidays more.

Joseph Pilates’ foundations for optimal health wroten on his book Return to Life through Contrology can be as useful in present days as any other Health Guru advice:

*Proper diet and sleep must accompany exercise.

*Fresh air and sunshine daily.

*Wear loose clothing outside and embrace the sun’s rays.

*Always have food on hand, but only refuel when nutrients are needed.

*Do not fear the cold in winter. Go to Ski!

*Do not overdo exercise: muscle fatigue can ignite poisons in the body.

*Sleep: use a firm mattress, no more than one pillow, and have a quiet, dark room

*Baths: clean your pores! Dry brush daily.

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