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My Movement Story. Part 1

Welcome to this space where post by post, I will tell you about why, when, where, how and who became part of my vocation, which is make people move the best they can.

Here I am in Rota, Spain visiting a photographer friend in 2015. During that hot summer. I stayed in Jerez de la Frontera for a month to teach Pilates in San Fernando de Cadiz and learn Flamenco.

Awareness to move better

Behind the vision of Mind To Move

Like the most of you, I came into this world moving and learning through the five senses what does “to live” means. As a shy and very quiet Mexican kid, my inner dialogue was full of curiosity about kinesthetic challenges. Dreaming about how to fly from one couch to the other, I was not exactly into competitive sports, but a play! To reach the top of a tree or do backflip in gymnastics, were the highlights of my days.

From 4 years old until 11 I got hooked Gymnastics
1987 Gymnastics. La Paz Mexico

An important element that enhanced my necessity to move was music; I used to sleep and wake up with it, and dance became a natural follow-on activity. I had the best time choreographing dances with friends.

By the time I was supposed to choose a professional career, art and design had become an integral part of my personality, and long story short, I became a “Communicator”. In 1997 I moved to Guadalajara, Mexico to study at the Jesuit University ITESO. During the four and a half years of Communication Sciences, I joined the Contemporary Dance Company for a semester and it was the first time that I did Pilates as a methodical warm up. Then I moved to Modern Jazz which was my favorite part of that phase of my life. I didn’t realize that being a mind and body connector was my true vocation until some years later. That's a story for another post, but the main idea behind Mind to Move, is that movement has given me voice and purpose.

I’ve been able to experience life with curiosity using my body as an amazing tool; always looking for adventures but coming back to “my core”, to what centers me. And that's exactly what I want to invite you to do: To find your own way to move through life with awareness. Maybe that’s the reason why Pilates hooked me. The stronger the powerhouse or the core, the further away the limbs can move from it. If we apply it to life, it translates into more courage and less fear to explore the unknown, while also providing more common sense and focus.

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